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TISD Education

TISD FACT SHEET – February 2009

1.    Enrollment Trends

a.    Averaged 8% increase per year for the past three years, from 1186 to 1476 or 290 students
b.    297 transfer students, 20% of enrollment, 49% W, 14% H, 36% AA

2.     Housing Trends

a.    According to RCAD Chief Appraiser the Tatum ISD portion of Rusk county has been the “hot spot” for the past several years in the number of sales and the price of those sales
b.    Two subdivisions almost at capacity
c.    Two additional subdivision planned: Cherokee Crossing 1st phase containing 25 one to two acre lots and Kuykendall Acres containing 50 one acre lots

3.    Academic Achievement

a.    TISD is a 2007 & 2008 TEA Academically Recognized District – for 2008 the Recognized ranking is 316 of 1,301 districts in Texas or top 31%, controlling for k-12 reduces to 280 of 995 or top 28%, controlling for enrollment > 1,000 reduces to 99 districts or top 9%, controlling for economically disadvantage percent population reduces to 18 or top 1.8%
b.    2008 TEA Academic Accountability Campus Ratings:

Tatum Primary School TEA Exemplary Rating, three years in a row
Tatum Elementary School TEA Recognized Rating, three years in a row
Tatum Middle School TEA Recognized Rating, two of previous three years
Tatum High School TEA Academically Acceptable Rating

c.    2008 TEA Gold Performance Acknowledgements by Campus:

Tatum High School: Recommended High School Program (480 of 1,711 High School Campuses in Texas achieved Recommended top 28%), Texas Success Initiative Mathematics and ELA (344 of 1,711 High School Campuses in Texas achieved TSI in Math/ELA top 20%)
Tatum Middle School: Commended Writing, Commended Social Studies, Comparable Improvement Math
Tatum Elementary School: Commended Writing, Commended Science
Tatum Primary School: Commended Reading, Commended Mathematics

d.    Dual Enrollment Program offering up to 24 college credit hours through Kilgore College and paid for by TISD
e.    Career and Technology Education course offerings with industry certifications in certified nursing assistant, welding, safety, IC-3; various courses articulated and dual enrollment
f.    The Tatum Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation formed in 2003 with the sole purpose of awarding scholarships to graduates of Tatum High School. Through the 2008 graduates the Foundation has awarded $200,000 in scholarships and raised $480,000 during that five year period. These funds have been generated through two major fund raising activities each year, the Foundation Extravaganza that includes an auction and an annual fund drive. The Foundation Board has announced that the 2009 scholarship amount at $2,000 for every TISD senior that has been continuously enrolled for three years.

4.    Extra-curricular Achievement

a.    Offer programs in Band, Drill Team, Theater/One-act-play, Choir, Art, FFA & UIL Athletic Competitions
b.    Tatum High School 2007 & 2008 District UIL Academic Champion
c.    All team sports advanced to the third round of the playoffs in 2006-07, all but one team sport qualified for playoffs in 2007-08, all team sports have qualified for playoffs at this point in 2008-09

5.    Technology

a.    One computer for every three students
b.    All computers replaced on a five year cycle
c.    Multiple stand alone and wireless laptop labs on each campus

6.    Facilities

a.    TISD consists of four campuses: Tatum Primary School PK-3rd, Tatum Elementary School 4th-6th, Tatum Middle School 7th-8th, Tatum High School 9th-12th
b.    TISD has state of the art facilities funded by 5 bond elections in 8 years totaling $43 million, with no bond indebtedness after the 2011-12 school year
c.    Another bond election for approximately $9 million is planned in 2012 and will not exceed overall tax rate of $1.04

7.    Budget (State List of Tax Rates are for 2007-08, Latest Available Data)

a.    Tatum ISD’s tax rate is $1.04, $0.70 M&O and $0.34 I&S
b.    Lowest M&O tax rate in 5 county area
c.    Fifth lowest M&O tax rate in the state or top 0.5%, 81st lowest total tax rate in the state or top 8%, 23rd lowest combined tax rate in the state or top 3%
d.    TISD has 9 years until the total tax rate will exceed $1.04, requiring the district to hold a tax rate election

e.    TISD teacher salary is $34,500 for beginning teacher and a maximum of $52,000