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    *  Excellent School System
    * Family values are held in high regard
    * Sports minded - The Community supports school athletic programs through attendance at events and membership in The Tatum Athletic Booster Club which raises money for scholarships and sports equipment for all athletic programs
    * Small - but sufficiently near larger metropolitan areas. Residents are able to have the atmosphere of small community and open space but close enough to enjoy the benefits of larger cities
    * Community minded - Residents have a personal interest in each other. Community pride in Churches, Schools and Tatum. A winning attitude that spreads from Sports to their lives and jobs
    * A peaceful, safe, environment
    * Beautiful countryside and a supportive environment
    * A community rich in tradition and history
    * Tatum Eagles Win the 3AAA State Football Championship 2005. We are proud of our Eagles!!!

    *  Location
    * Distance to nearest Interstate: 15 miles
    * State Highway: 149 and 43
    * US Highway: No
    * Bus Line - Greyhound
    * With in 20 miles of 4 county seats
    * With in 20 miles of 5 cities over 10,000 and one of those is over 70,000

    * Rail
    * Name of railroads: Santa Fe - 2 trains per day / Burlington
    * Switching Service: Longview
    * Piggyback Service: Longview

    * Barge Transportation
    * Nearest Port Facility: Shreveport, LA

    * Motor Freight Companies
    * Number of local terminals: 1


    * Air Transportation
    * Nearest commercial airport: Longview, Shreveport or Tyler
    * Distance: Longview - 14 miles; Shreveport - 50 miles; Tyler - 45 miles
    * Name of airline serving airport: Longview: American Eagle and Atlantic Southeast; Shreveport - American Eagle, Delta ASA, Continental Express, US Air, TWA
    * Nearest general aviation airport: Gregg County
    * Nearest general aviation airport: Gregg County
    * Type of Runway: Paved
    * Length of runway; 10,000 feet
    * Landing Strip Lighted: Yes
    * Instrument Landing System: Yes
    * Private Aircraft Storage Available: Yes
    * Private Aircraft Maintenance Available: Yes